At Home in Oregon's Wine Country



THIS IS MATTHEW.  He is the newest member of the CP team having been with us only 5 months.  Matthew moved to McMinnville two years ago to join the wine industry after attending Multnomah University… he worked at Brooks Winery and spent the 2018 harvest at Dominio IV.  As a regular at Community Plate, he grew to love the restaurant before he applied to work at CP.

Matthew is an enthusiastic contributor to the front of the house crew who loves the clientele, maintaining that, “The people here are awesome!”  He says the same about his co-workers, describing the work environment at CP as impressively synergistic.  We think he fits right in as he is warm and genuine with guests and very hardworking. Matthew’s even made an early contribution to the menu, developing a house-made coffee liqueur for our delicious White Russian cocktail.  

Outside of work, Matthew frequents the taco truck at the Mini Super Hildago on the east side of town but he’s just as likely to drop in at Community Plate to order the daily scramble as a burrito (it’s a thing… just ask!). “This is the first place I’ve worked where I want to come in an eat on my day off.”  

Indeed. His co-worker Kalab was sitting at the counter doing the same thing.

FIRST RESTAURANT JOB Pier 101 | Lincoln City, Oregon
SPECIALTIES House made coffee liqueur
YOU CAN FIND HIM Taco truck at the Mini Super Hildago
SPECTACULAR TALENT Writes in ancient Hebrew
HOBBIES Bowling or playing board games with buddies,
LOVES McMinnville