At Home in Oregon's Wine Country



THIS IS RYAN.  He’s a true local, born and raised in McMinnville with a brief stint in Willamina and Sheridan.  He chose the culinary pathway at Mac Hi and, after graduation, spent a couple years in Portland managing a dry cleaning business. However, it quickly became evident to Ryan that he wasn’t made for the city.  Preferring the day to day interactions and connections built in a smaller town, Ryan returned to Yamhill County, taking his first restaurant job at Ruddick/Wood in Newberg.  He’s now been with Community Plate over two years and he can often be found “in the middle” as we say, a critical position on the line that acts like a Quarterback, expediting the stream of tickets that come hard and fast on a busy weekend.  He’s an expert multi-tasker, managing modifications and timing individual dishes so the entire table’s order is up at the same time. His favorite part of the job, however, is the last moment he touches the plate to hand it across the counter to a hungry customer.  “I love meeting the customers,” he says. “Our open kitchen makes it easy to connect with everyone.”

 When not at CP, Ryan is more than likely on the mountain. An avid snowboarder in season and a skater in the summer, Community Plate’s 7am – 3pm schedule makes it easy for him to get a head start on the weekend. If he stays in town, he likes to relax at Golden Valley or 1882 Grille. Something we bet you don’t know about Ryan? He’s an aspiring comedian, with the quick wit and clever retort to prove it. His favorite comedians are Tom Segura and Joe Rogan but we’re pretty sure he has a bit that will rival both.

FIRST COOKING JOB Ruddick/Wood | Newberg, OR
FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT Golden Valley, 1882 Grille
YOU CAN FIND HIM At Timberline/On Mount Hood
SPECTACULAR TALENT Aspiring comedian
HOBBIES Snowboarding, skateboarding
LOVES Connecting with customers