Breakfast and lunch menus served all day offer a broad selection of classic American fare: burger & fries, heritage pork hash, reuben, buttermilk pancakes. Ketchup, aioli and local berry jams are all made in-house as well as burger buns, focaccia, and ciabatta for sandwiches. Pork is smoked on-site, fries are hand-cut and corned-beef taken straight from the oven. An elaborate selection of pastries and baked goods entice from the very beginning, and tempt in easy to-go packages on the way out.

Beverages hardly take a back seat. Annie’s Bloody Mary or breakfast cocktails made with fresh squeezed juices ease post-party headaches and skillfully steamed lattes and cappuccinos offer equal comfort. Portland favorite Coava Coffee as well as McMinnville roaster Flag & Wire provide an impressive array of java options.

Community Plate partners with local farmers and artisans who produce an abundance of riches from the fertile Willamette Valley. Menus change seasonally and weekend specials showcase freshly available meat, eggs, produce, cheese, honey and a long list of specialty products. The restaurant combines the quality and technique of a fine-dining prep-kitchen with near fast-food speed.